Top Sightseeing Passes vs. Go City

Planning a trip can be thrilling, but navigating the world of sightseeing passes can be overwhelming. With so many options promising the best deals and experiences, how do you choose the right one? This blog dives into the arena of top sightseeing passes, comparing them head-to-head with Go City to help you make an informed decision.

Introducing the Contenders

Several major players dominate the sightseeing pass landscape. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most prominent:

  • CityPASS: These passes typically offer pre-selected bundles of 4-5 popular attractions in major tourist destinations. They often come with discounted prices and skip-the-line privileges at certain attractions.
  • Explorer Pass (by Leisure Pass Group): Similar to Go City’s Explorer Pass, these offer a set number of admissions to a wider range of attractions within a chosen timeframe.
  • New York Pass: This pass focuses primarily on New York City, offering access to a large selection of attractions alongside discounts and perks like free transport passes.
  • Sightseeing Pass: This pass offers options in various cities, allowing you to choose a set number of attractions from a curated list within a specific timeframe.

The Showdown: Comparing Key Features

Now, let’s delve deeper and compare these passes with Go City across key factors:


Go City: Offers both Explorer (choose specific attractions) and All-Inclusive passes (unlimited access within a timeframe) for maximum flexibility.

CityPASS & Explorer Pass: Limited flexibility as they offer pre-selected attractions.

New York Pass & Sightseeing Pass: Offer some flexibility within their curated lists but less than Go City’s Explorer Pass.

Value for Money:

Go City: Savings depend on your chosen attractions and travel style. Significant savings with high-priced attractions.

CityPASS & Explorer Pass: Often offer good value, especially if you plan to visit all the included attractions.

New York Pass & Sightseeing Pass: Value depends on individual needs and planned activities. May not be the most cost-effective for all travel styles.

Attraction Selection:

Go City: Offers a wide variety of attractions, including popular landmarks, museums, tours, and hidden gems.

CityPASS & Explorer Pass: Pre-selected attractions may not include everything you’re interested in.

New York Pass & Sightseeing Pass: Offer a curated list of attractions specific to their respective locations.


Go City: Free mobile app allows easy access to your pass, attraction details, and reservations (if needed).

CityPASS & Others: May offer mobile apps with varying features, some might require paper vouchers.

Skip-the-Line Privileges:

Go City: Many attractions allow skipping lines with Go City, saving valuable vacation time (check details for specific attractions).

Others: Skip-the-line privileges may be available at select attractions, but not guaranteed with all passes.

Beyond the Basics: Other Considerations

While the above factors are crucial, consider these additional points when making your decision:

  • Travel Style: Are you a meticulous planner with a set list, or a spontaneous explorer? Go City’s flexibility caters to both.
  • Destination: Research which passes operate in your chosen destination and compare their attraction inclusions.
  • Blackout Dates: Some attractions might have blackout dates where certain passes are not accepted. Check for these restrictions before purchasing.
  • Sharing Options: Determine if the pass you choose allows sharing admission within a group (important for families or friends).

Go City vs. The Competition: A Final Verdict

There’s no single “best” pass. The ideal choice depends on your travel style, destination, and priorities. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Choose Go City if:
    • You crave flexibility in choosing attractions.
    • You want a wider variety of attractions, including hidden gems.
    • You prioritize convenience with the Go City app.
    • You’re on a tight budget and want to maximize savings on high-priced attractions.
  • Consider other passes if:
    • You have a set list of must-see attractions included in a specific pre-selected pass.
    • You’re primarily interested in a single destination with a dedicated pass like the New York Pass.

Remember: Research thoroughly, compare prices and features, and choose the pass that best aligns with your unique travel needs.

Bonus Tip: For savvy travelers, consider combining a sightseeing pass with other deals like city discount cards or special promotions offered by Go City itself.