LinkedIn Learning Review 2023

LinkedIn Learning is a provider of online learning in the United States. It offers video courses in software, creative, and business skills taught by industry experts. It is a LinkedIn subsidiary. LinkedIn’s courses are divided into four categories: Certifications in Business, Creative, Technology, and Certifications You can find out the main characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of LinkedIn Learning in this review, as well as its price and whether it is worth your time or not. We will compare LinkedIn Learning to other well-known online learning platforms and talk about the different kinds of classes that are offered on the platform.

The majority of professionals now understand how important upskilling is. The issue is that a lot of us struggle to balance family, work, and a million other responsibilities and simply don’t have the time or resources to enrol in classes at a university. Fortunately, there are many online learning resources available today that let you learn while managing your other responsibilities. Did you know that compared to traditional education, online learning actually requires 40–60% less time to learn? Furthermore, it is significantly more affordable. And today I want to discuss about it, as one of the best online learning resources.

Pros And Cons Of LinkedIn Learning 


  • A variety of courses
  • Access to all courses at any time
  • Low monthly cost
  • Individualized suggestions
  • An intuitive interface
  • Field experts instructing courses
  • Multilingual availability
  • Q&A section
  • Completion certificates you can add to your LinkedIn profile


  • Lack of certification
  • A little more expensive than other services of a similar nature.
  • Some courses are outdated and of poor quality.
  • A largely passive method of instruction

Linkedin Learning Review

Linkedin Learning

An excellent, reliable business is LinkedIn Learning. You can access more than 16,000 high-quality courses on a variety of subjects and software for $29,99/m or $299/y. The Q&A feature and Learning Paths are excellent. The majority of students who reviewed LinkedIn Learning claim that it provides good value for the money.

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How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

You’re probably familiar with LinkedIn, the largest professional networking site. But did you know that the business decided to concentrate more on education a few years ago and bought a renowned MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider Today, with more than 16,000 business, creative, and technology video courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners, LinkedIn Learning is regarded as one of the best e-learning platforms.

In-depth courses and brief video tutorials are both available through LinkedIn Learning, making it simple to learn at your own pace. The programmes are designed for people who want to advance their knowledge or acquire new abilities as well as businesses looking for a source of employee training.

Difference Between LinkedIn Learning And Lynda

One of the first e-learning platforms on the market, Lynda has been around for 20 years. After LinkedIn acquired the business in 2015, Lynda moved her operations to LinkedIn Learning. Everything has been moved over to LinkedIn Learning. Moreover, even though Lynda continues to operate as a separate platform, visiting their website will direct you to LinkedIn Learning. So what distinguishes LinkedIn Learning from Lynda?

Now, LinkedIn Learning offers every course that was previously available on Lynda. They started focusing more on businesses after switching to LinkedIn Learning, and they now provide subscription services for businesses and large organisations. Because of this, more people can access the courses and increase their knowledge. Employers can upskill their staff much more affordably this way than by sending them to outside training. Currently, the enterprise accounts for nearly a third of LinkedIn Learning’s revenue. Both prestigious businesses that select LinkedIn Learning courses for employee training and college professors who assign courses to their students fall under this category.

You can get personalised recommendations based on your current job, professional network, etc. with LinkedIn Learning, something that Lynda does not offer. As soon as you finish the course and acquire new skills, you can easily display them on your profile.

The cost of LinkedIn Learning

Since LinkedIn Learning is a subscription-based service, you can access all of the courses in the library at any time for a set monthly fee. The monthly cost of a LinkedIn Learning Premium subscription is $29,99, which is less than some other websites that offer online education charges for a single course. Additionally, if you choose an annual subscription, you will save 17% and pay only $299,88 for the entire year, which equates to 2 months free.

On LinkedIn Learning, you can buy individual courses as well. This could be a good choice for those who want to educate themselves on a particular subject.

Trial of LinkedIn Learning

You can sign up for a one-month free trial of LinkedIn Learning if you’re interested in it but aren’t ready to commit just yet. This way, you can see if you like it before spending any money on it. You can end your trial at any time before it expires to avoid being charged if, for any reason, you don’t like the service.

What Comes With a LinkedIn Learning Subscription?

You can access all 16,000+ courses with a LinkedIn Learning Premium subscription at any time on your computer or mobile device. Along with offline access to the courses for learning anywhere, you will also receive a completion certificate (more on that later).

The courses are offered in seven languages—English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese—and are taught by subject-matter experts.

The “learn by doing” methodology is used in many of the LinkedIn Learning courses, which is fantastic because, in my opinion, it is a much more effective method of learning. Exercise files and quizzes within the courses assist students in raising motivation, engagement, and learning.

You are free to watch as many courses as you want each month; there is no cap on that. You will never run out of things to learn because a tonne of new courses is added every week.

Students can also access LinkedIn’s Premium Career features, such as InMail, which allows you to contact anyone on LinkedIn directly through the platform, as an added benefit of their LinkedIn Learning subscription. You can also view who has visited your LinkedIn profile and who has submitted applications for the same positions as you.

What’s the Process for LinkedIn Learning?

You can access all of the courses in the library after registering for a free 1-month trial of LinkedIn Learning. You must now locate a course to view. Several methods exist for doing that.

  • By subject – You can select a subject (web design, sales, marketing, etc.), enter it in the search bar, and then choose appropriate courses as a result. For those looking to learn and develop specific skills, this is an excellent method of instruction.
  • Software: There are numerous specialised courses available in Photoshop, JavaScript, MySQL, Excel, and other areas if you want to up your software development game or simply need to learn a new skill for your current job.

Learning Paths on LinkedIn

The fantastic feature known as Learning Paths makes LinkedIn Learning stand out from the competition. In essence, it is a playlist of associated video courses on a subject that interests you. Instead of enrolling in random courses if you want to change careers but aren’t sure where to begin, visit LinkedIn Learning, choose the subject that interests you, and see what courses Learning Paths have available in that area. For example, the following courses will be recommended to you if you want to become a web designer:

You cannot earn a degree through LinkedIn.

However, Learning Paths is undoubtedly a fantastic way to develop new skills, alter your present career path, and ultimately become who you want to be.

Before enrolling in any course, you should review its overview, which includes details like the course’s duration, level of difficulty, release date (which is crucial for tech courses in particular), the number of viewers and their workplaces, the course’s description, the instructor’s bio, the skills it covers, and related courses.

Transcripts are included in LinkedIn Learning video courses, which I find to be very beneficial for people like me whose first language is not English.


Another great component of LinkedIn Learning that I want to highlight is Q&A. It enables students to ask questions and receive responses from their network, coworkers, and teachers. Additionally, you can tag anyone who might find this information helpful as well as view the questions and answers that other people have posted.

Is LinkedIn Learning Valuable?

Yes, I firmly believe it is worthwhile. You can enrol in thousands of top-notch online courses at any time and from any location for a small monthly fee. Your new skills (as well as your Certificates of Completion) can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile once you finish a course.

Overall, LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic e-learning platform for people who want to advance their careers and educate themselves, especially in fields where there is no traditional education available.

Consider how LinkedIn Learning could assist you in landing your ideal position and accomplishing all of your goals. Therefore, if you want to try LinkedIn Learning, you can sign up for a free trial that lasts one month. Then, you can decide if it’s a good fit for you or not.