WeVideo Review: Unveiling the Power of Online Video Editing

WeVideo is a popular web-based video editor that can be accessed on several platforms. It includes the most popular social media content-generating tools and is reasonably simple to use, even for novices. According to the plan you select and the payment plan you prefer, the cost can range from $5 to over $60 each month.

The popularity of social media has caused a shift in the video editing industry from complex, feature-rich editors to simple, user-friendly programs that are suitable even for novices. One such use is covered in the WeVideo Review. The goal of this Revive Review article is not to promote or degrade the application, but to thoroughly introduce it so that consumers may choose whether it meets their needs.

WeVideo Review


WeVideo’s concept and the features it provides for users have been originally presented by the WeVideo Review. For this reason, we talked about the features in the first section. For users to share their app-related information, we have also discussed the learning curve and teaching resources. Thirdly, the cost of the free and premium membership options is stated. Next, we completed an example task found in the WeVideo Review’s benchmarking and user testing section.

WeVideo has also been compared to three other apps that are in competition with it for users in this area. The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing this video editing application are finally stated. Furthermore, evaluations in four distinct categories allow you to contrast WeVideo with other web programs for video editing.


The most popular or interesting products from the extensive selection of WeVideo tools will be featured in this section of the review. This kind of web program would take some time to explore properly, and not every user will use every function regularly. As a result, we have limited our discussion of the features in this area.


With the aid of these predefined tools, users can produce commercial content for websites and social media platforms, including adverts and educational content. The features created by the business tools are as follows


When making your movies, you can save time by adding your logo and making branded templates. Users have the option of starting from scratch and creating a custom template or selecting one of the pre-existing ones.


WeVideo allows you to create videos in various quality levels based on your preferences. 4K video quality is the highest available on WeVideo.


Using the WeVideo library, you may share your work with peers and coworkers so that anybody can view it at any time.


WeVideo is a web application available online. For this reason, you can edit and store a video that you make on one device on other devices that are compatible with WeVideo. The WeVideo Review goes on to discuss the compatible devices.


Basic capabilities like video cropping, sound mixing, resizing, and more are included in WeVideo. To further enhance your video content, you can incorporate dynamic text, a green screen, and screen recording.

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These features are especially designed with educators and tutors in mind, who wish to create educational movies or lessons. The salient characteristics of WeVideo’s educational resources are as follows:

CLOUD SHARING: Teachers are able to record projects and study sessions, which they may then submit to the WeVideo cloud. With any device at their disposal, their pupils may access and study new lessons.

DESCRIPTIONS: WeVideo Back to School features allow you to attach descriptions, such as instructions and tasks.

GIFS: To make your material more engaging for both adults and children, you may explore, create, and alter GIFs.

GREEN SCREEN: Additionally, educators can utilize WeVideo to replace unwanted background elements in their home or office with simple or related backgrounds.

This page serves as a launchpad for making instructional and other kinds of videos. These themes are arranged into numerous categories using pre-made templates. You can always change those templates to your liking, though, if you’re not content with them.

As seen in the above image, the resources are divided into three categories: inspiration, lesson plans, and remote learning.

CREATOR COMMUNITY: Finally, but just as importantly, the creator community is a gathering place for educators and content producers to collaborate and get the greatest outcome for students.


Before we move on to the next section of the WeVideo Review, there are a few things worth highlighting in addition to the previously mentioned options:


You may easily add videos to your account by just dragging and dropping them into your web browsers. But you can also use the file browser to add images and movies. As an alternative, smartphone users can upload files to WeVideo by adding them from their gallery or memory.

You may even begin recording your voice or screen to incorporate them into the mix.


Features like callouts, titles, and subtitles can draw more attention to your video, particularly if it’s intended for an international audience. While there isn’t an auto-generated subtitle or translation, you can manually add texts to your movie or import a srt file to add them.

Furthermore, you can utilize a variety of themes in your scripts. While some of the more sophisticated text templates with eye-catching fonts and vivid colors are available to premium customers, some of the more basic functions are free.


Including voiceover to clarify content in your videos or background music are two examples of adding audio to your videos. You can utilize the files on WeVideo in addition to adding your music files and other sound effects. There are certain sound effects and background tracks that you can use in your content for free, but the majority are only available to premium subscribers.


Even though noticeable video cuts are bothersome, they can be more efficient in terms of time and cherry-picking the most significant portions of a lengthy film by incorporating transitions. These transitional themes on WeVideo might help you enhance the impact of your content.

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The ability of today’s web applications to function across many devices is one of its most important features. Influencers want to jump on the opportunity and stream their films as soon as possible because of the fierce rivalry on social media. Thus, an app’s chances of success increase with the number of devices it supports. The following are the gadgets that support WeVideo:

  • iOS: You can use your iPad or iPhone to use this program. To use the app, simply download it from the App Store.
  • Android: The WeVideo app may be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. As a result, editing videos on Android smartphones is enjoyable as well.
  • Others: On Windows and Chromebooks, users can also download and install WeVideo applications.


In this part of the WeVideo Review, we discuss the features and duration of the app’s free and trial premium versions. Then, we look into the four plans that WeVideo has to offer. In addition, you can contact WeVideo if you want to make a special deal.


In this section of the WeVideo Review, we assess the features of the online application’s free edition. WeVideo can be accessed for free for as long as you like. Particularly in terms of themes and layouts, the free version offers far less functionality. Nevertheless, WeVideo still offers some respectable features.

Your work can be saved to any kind of device. You also get access to screen recording and voiceover. In addition, you can make GIFs and films in various formats. On the other hand, you can only upload up to 5 minutes of video every month, have 1GB of storage, and only use 480p video quality. Lastly, if you wish to use the app without charge, watermarks from the application will be applied to your films.

In conclusion, the free edition is sufficient for home use and a small amount of commercial content production. Let’s say, though, that you wish to make additional films and make the most of the program. If that’s the case, I advise looking into the premium subscriptions.


This section of the WeVideo article lists and contrasts the characteristics of four distinct plans to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Assuming you have perused the review’s previous heading, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that all of the features found in the free edition are accessible in the following plans.

This section of the WeVideo article lists and contrasts the characteristics of four distinct plans to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Assuming you have perused the review’s previous heading, allow me to draw your attention to the fact that all of the features found in the free edition are accessible in the following plans.


This WeVideo subscription package is the entry-level option. Power members have 20GB of cloud storage space available to them. Videos can only be 30 minutes long each month, which is ideal for part-time content makers and amateur page owners. Additionally, the video quality is enhanced to a maximum of 720p. Furthermore, your work no longer has watermarks, allowing you to use logos and other branding elements.

Greenscreen, slow motion, audio boosting up to five times the original loudness, cropping, motion titles, and templates are other capabilities that are offered.

This pack costs $10 a month, but if you sign up for a yearly subscription, the cost drops to $5 a month.


WeVideo lists this bundle as one of the most well-liked packs. All of the features listed in the Power Plan and more are included with the Unlimited subscription.

This plan is perfect for freelancers and professional content creators because it offers limitless storage and video production to its members. To enable you to produce professional footage, the video quality has now been improved to 1080p+HD. You may simultaneously record your webcam and screen with this bargain. For educators and broadcasters who wish to make interactive movies, this tool is ideal.

If you want to pay annually, the cost of the unlimited plan drops to $8 per month from $16 if you choose to pay monthly.


According to WeVideo, this package is once more among the most popular offers. In addition to the things we previously discussed, the Professional Plan has extra perks.

Users might enjoy 4K Ultra HD video quality, which is the best available on WeVideo and possibly on most TVs on the market. WeVideo is transformed from an instant editing tool to a professional and commercial application for business reasons by these high-quality outputs. Additionally, you may upload your movies straight to Facebook and Twitter with this package. You may also quickly manage your brand by uploading your typefaces, colors, and logo. Not to mention, there are millions of royalty-free movies, photos, sounds, and other materials available for customers to use from the library with no usage restrictions!


It’s time to provide an overview after analyzing the characteristics of the movie editing tools and how they compare to those of their more formidable competitors. Before rendering a definitive judgment on WeVideo, let’s first go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of using it.


An abundance of tutorials and ease of use

The correct way to differentiate between paid programs

It includes the necessary editing tools.

A variety of themes are offered.


Only five minutes of video can be supported monthly in the free version.

There are no available smart subtitles or translations.